Safety Flooring

Safety Flooring/Anti-Slip

We supply and install safety flooring throughout London on a daily basis. Safety flooring is popular in commercial kitchens and toilets, hospitals, dentists and areas where a sealed floor is required.

The term safety flooring refers to anti-slip and slip resistant floor coverings that are designed to have traction under the foot, especially in wet areas.  The most popular ranges come in 20 x 2 metre rolls and we can supply cuts or rolls depending on quantity required.

If health and safety, or special hygiene needs are an issue, there’s a large range of non-slip floor coverings for you to choose from that offer the best in anti slip properties. All are hardwearing, easy to clean and available in a wide range of colours and finishes.

The most popular places we install safety flooring is in toilets and kitchens. Portland vinyl is our biggest seller and is well known for having little chips built into the surface which causes the traction under foot.

Most sheet materials can be used for wet areas such as showers, toilets and commercial kitchens. Special installation techniques and heat seamed joints will ensure that you can safely stop worrying about these problem areas.  There are different methods of installing your safety flooring. The most popular is cap n cove which is where the vinyl is taken up the wall and is the most water proof method.  This is however the most expensive.  We also install flat lay and mats the edges or put on a sit on skirting to the perimeter.

Here is just a few samples of hundreds. Please contact us to arrange an appointment. We will bring samples with us as well as our expert advice of course!  We have supplied and installed safety flooring in commercial kitchens, toilets, tea points, communal areas and receptions.  A recent project was carried out at the Mercedes Head Quarters in Milton Keynes.  We also installed White Rock at the premises which is hygienic wall cladding.