Wood and Laminate flooring

Laminate or Wood Flooring in London

Our wood & laminate division specialise just in this market. We cover all laminates and real wood flooring products in London. We can match any of your requirements covering all price ranges. Wood & Laminate flooring can look great in receptions, meetings rooms or in homes. Naturally our ranges have grown with the demand, which means you can have stylish flooring, in solid wood or laminate.

Wooden Flooring Offers:

  • Stunning natural patterns
  • Depth and warmth
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Luxurious to the touch and to the eye

Laminate Floors Offer:

  • Look as good but at less cost
  • Durability
  • Hardwearing
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Easy to clean and maintain

At Selby Carpets we are experts in the supply, installation of both. Contact us today to arrange a no obligation appointment with one of our consultants. We will bring our samples of the latest and greatest real wood and laminates for you to choose from.

There are different compositions of wood flooring which are important to understand. The most popular is engineered wood. This has a ply base and the wood layer is bonded to the top. We recommend this completion as it is the most competitively priced. The other main product is solid wood. This is solely wood throughout and although is much more solid underfoot it costs considerably more.

Laminate is basically a photo of wood printed onto a MDF backing. If the photo layer gets chipped or worn through then you will immediately see the backing. We therefore recommend LVT over a laminate floor.