Commercial Shift & Lift Fitting

Carpet fitting with furniture in place

Fitting your new floor without any disruption or down-time

Businesses often tell us that the main reason they delay getting new flooring is due to worry about the disruption it will cause. What they don’t realise is that we can fit your commercial flooring without any disruption or down-time at all.

We do this by using what we call “lift and shift”. We use hydraulic lifting equipment to lift desks, cabinets, bookcases and office equipment and simply fit the new flooring underneath.

Evenings and Weekends

We usually do this in the evenings or on the weekends so that your business isn’t disturbed at all. You simply don’t need to worry about getting removers in, or moving people around. Usually the only thing staff notice when they come in to work the next day is that the tired old floor under their feet has been replaced by a fresh new one.

We “lift and shift” all sorts of things for all sorts of businesses – offices, barristers’ chambers, shops, schools etc. We recently re-carpeted the reception area and waiting room of a Harley Street doctor’s surgery. This included “lifting and shifting” not only desks, sofas and armchairs but also a grand piano!

We also provide flooring insurance quotes for businesses.

Please email "> or call 020 7739 5051 to arrange a no obligation appointment.

We specialise in carpet and flooring throughout London and would be happy to visit your business to discuss how we would fit your new flooring without causing any disruption. We can show you some of our past work where we’ve used this installation technique too.

Furniture does not scare us! From interlocking desks, to filing cabinets we will move it all and fit your new carpet or carpet tiles onto the floor. If you have a lot of furniture we recommend carpet tiles as the disruption is less to the movement of the furniture.

Between November and December we have installed on 2,000m² of carpet tiles and office full of furniture.