What are Stair Nosings?

Stair Nosings are installed to the edge of a step in a robust material for safety and durability. It is are an important part of commercial flooring but being a small detail they don’t get discussed much. It’s important to note that choosing the right ones can make a big difference to the look of your stairs.

What are Stair Nosings?

Commercial Nylon Carpet for Hotels

As carpet suppliers we’ve recently we’re seeing more hotels consider commercial nylon carpet. Hotels require heavy duty carpet because visitors walk everywhere at all times of day. With improvements to synthetic fabric in recent years, we’re seeing nylon carpet installations become ever more popular.

Commercial Nylon Carpet for Hotels

Office reception flooring ideas

Looking for reception flooring inspiration? We’ve put together some office reception flooring ideas that might help. Remember — this flooring area gives you the perfect opportunity to make your best impression!

Reception flooring

Cheapest commercial flooring to clean

Figuring out which are the cheapest office floors to clean can be a little tricky because different factors are involved. While good carpet and vinyl can cost roughly the same amount to buy, cleaning costs for commercial flooring can be different.

Here are some things to think about when it comes to cleaning your office flooring.

Commercial flooring in a corridoor
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