The Harrow range is a 100% polypropylene cheap carpet tile. The tile is stocked in London so ideal for quick turnarounds. We regularly get calls from clients who have to move out at the end of their tenancy and replace their flooring as cheaply as possible. This tile is ideal for that. Also people who only want a new floor for 3-5 years then this is the range for you. It is a loop pile carpet tile so when you look closely at the finish you will see the yarn loops up and back into the backing of the tile. The colours all have a two tone to them so this helps hide the dirt and marks. The Bering is the most popular colour followed by the Charcoal. This tile is medium contract and does not have a castor chair rating so you will see shading around heavy trafficked areas and where castor chair wheels are sliding two and fro. We do put this tile down in man schools who much prefer it to cheap sheet carpet. For larger samples speak to our office.